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The patented M4E magnetic technology was originally developed at the University of Leuven in Belgium in 2002. M4E (Magnets for Emulsion) was founded in 2004 to introduce the technology in the industry.
The concept is to combine the conditions created by a turbulent flow with the Lorentz force created by a magnetic field. The Lorentz force is situated in the field of hydro magnetism and works on the polarity at molecular level of the raw material and formulation ingredients.
This combination creates the perfect environment to make emulsions and powder dispersions.
Compared to the existing technologies, that rely on mechanical shear input, the M4E technology is step changing and offers a vast array of advantages both in terms of endproduct quality as in terms of process optimizations.



By pumping a liquid through a magnetic venturi, an under pressure (up to -0,9 bar) is created at the venturi in the first part of the system. Thanks to this under pressure, the powder is aspired and introduced into the liquid phase.
Once in contact with the water, powders (certainly the more hydrofobic powders) have the tendency to coagulate and create lumps. Immediately after the powder introduction, the powder and liquid both travel through the magnetic field (second part of the system).
Thanks to the intense interaction between the raw materials inside magnetic field, even the most hydrophobic powders are perfectly wetted and/or dispersed in the liquid phase.

  • Cosmetics: Cosmetic & pharmaceutical emulsions and gels

  • Food: Emulsions & dispersions like mayonaise, batters and sauces

  • Biodiesel

  • SLES solution: Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLES is a high active surfactant in cosmetics and household care sector

  • Other:  M4E has the potential to replace high shear mixers in many other applications as well

  • Lumpfree mix

  • Maximum yield of the polymer (raw material)

  • Possibility to disperse directly in acqeous phase

  •  Minimal aeration

  • Consistent product quality

  • Very reproducible quality

  • Flexible solution

  • Perfectly ‘clean in place’

  • Very low maintenance needed

  • Very low energy consumption

  • Very fast dispersion

  • Less raw material needed to obtain same viscosity

  • Low investment cost

  • Easy integration


The companies Clarys Food Ingredients and Willich Tauchmassen have been affiliated since 2015. In addition four brands have united under the slogan ‘4 brands with 1 vision’. 

Each boosting the same structures and philosophies centred on a single guiding principle: the development, production and sale of innovative, customer-oriented solutions especially for the food industry.

Willich is specialized in fluids and coatings 


Clarys is specialized in powdermixes 


Ucook is the brand for oilbased herbs and spices


M4E stands for the magnet technology for stable emulsions & dispersions


Handelsstraat 17, 8020 Oostkamp, Belgium

+32 (0)50 824 836

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