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The M4E technology combines turbulent flow conditions with the LORENTZ force induced by a permanent magnetic field. In a turbulent flow, particles (powder particles or oil droplets) spin around and collide. This results in particle deformation and break-up.
The LORENTZ will further intensify this spinning and colliding effect. Thanks to the molecular polarity of the raw materials, there is an extremely intense interaction between the liquid and raw material inside the magnetic field which results in the complete particle break-up. As such, the combination between the turbulent flow conditions and the LORENTZ force create the perfect environment to make stable emulsions and powder dispersions.
The M4E technology is a “one-pass” technology, meaning that once the particle has passed the magnet, it is perfectly dispersed and the oil droplet is emulsified.

For further understanding, we kindly refer to the “van der Waals” forces (Keesom force, Debye force and London dispersion force) that explain the interactivity between molecules.

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